Social, Ethical & Technical compliance
The factories are socially and technically audited for most large customers by reputed compliance institutes (SGS).
  • We are continuously striving to make our impact to the environment as less harmful as possible. Our in-house factory managers are always implementing new strategies and initiatives to reduce energy consumption and improve waste management.
  • Safety in the work environment.
  • There is a strong worker safety and clean environment working of the factory.
  • On a regular basis there are experts called into the factory for audits and help to improve the company infrastructure.
  • The workers are provided with the necessary equipment to prevent health hazards and the work environment is kept clean.
  • There is fire training given to the workers with drills to prevent fire hazards. There are fire extinguishers installed throughout the company to prevent fires.
  • All flammable products are safely placed in compact shelters away from factory exposure.
  • There are trained medical staff to respond to any injuries resulting from minor accidents.
  • Gshoe export is SA 8000 certified and please find the certificate below.